Long time, no update.

Sadly, like pretty much every other blog I’ve ever made, this one had become woefully neglected. I started this blog off to write about RP stuff, then quickly changed it to bitching about RP stuff. Mature, huh?

Well, anyway, I haven’t had much need to bitch lately. I don’t speak to, or hardly speak to those whom I used to bitch about. It still makes me shake my head in disgust when I see cool people still being friends with that one miserable cunt rag. That’s their choice, though. If she’s cool to them, then that’s cool. If she turns out to be a psycho to them, well, I won’t say a word about that either. They know her, so in my opinion they should know better, but I also don’t believe that warrants any sort of “I told you so” moment.

RP has been good. I mostly partner with Lynn. I’ve got Angie for Abigail’s partner, and I have fun RP’ing with Amanda as well. So, it’s all good in the neighborhood. I just wish I had more time to RP. LOL, Dang RL and work!


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