OT3 Vs. Jealousy: Which wins out?

I’ve come to ponder this particular quandary, thanks to a certain person and our delightfully naughty OT3. A while ago my sister and I concluded that OT3s weren’t really feasible due to jealousy. I actually still hold on to this conviction, despite my new found obsession.

So… the real question is: can an OT3 overcome what I consider the natural jealousy that would occur in such a set up? If so, how? When it comes to romantic love, you generally want your partner just to be yours. Yes, they might fantasize about others from time to time, just as you might, but getting it on with someone else is an entirely different.

So how does this work? I do believe the answer lies in creating a bond between the two members of the OT3 who are the same gender (if it is in fact of mixed gender). In order to cut down the jealousy, in say, the two men in the OT3, there needs to be a separate bond between them. This is assuming the female in the OT3 has individual longings for both men, which seems to be the case in my particular OT3. I’m suggesting that there needs to be a sexual chemistry all of its own for the two parties of the same gender. I’m not saying “Oh wow, we’re gay now, so we don’t need the third party!” What I’m saying is, they need to have the willingness and desire to experiment with each other with and without the third party present.

That might end up causing a new problem: the third party could become jealous. Which leads me to posing a new question: How would an OT3 deal with this type of jealousy?


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