“Jim. You missed the turn.” Jim made a grunting noise to acknowledge his sister in law. They were on their way to see The Mariinsky Ballet from St. Petersburg performing Sleeping Beauty. Jim’s mind was less on the dancing they were headed to and more on the woman in his passenger seat. While his brother […]

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“Have you explained to the others all the risks of this ritual, Briar?” Briar shook her head. For a moment, she considered lying but she had a feeling that an immortal demon could detect bullshit a mile away. Briar also had a feeling Lorelei was asking because she already knew the answer. “Do you not […]

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Lyric Warm-Up Writing Day 2 – Dream if you can…

Justine’s wonderful words for Becky’s (Zena’s) “Lost Years”.

The Princess Bard


Thanks to my Mum for today’s lyric prompt. Always a favourite song of mine. And today it inspired me for a character I have missed writing a lot! If you’re inspired by the prompt, I’d love to read what you create.

Dream if you can

“Dream if you can a courtyard. An ocean of violets in bloom. Animals strike curious poses…”

“And you’re being crucified in the middle?”

“Tsk, tsk, that is not very nice.”

“Says the psycho who has me tied to what I assume used to be your grandmother’s table. My father is not going to be pleased with this.”

“It is for your own good, Zena. Do you want these headaches to stop or not?”

“I’m pretty sure this whole bondage set up is more about you than me, Liam. I hardly need to be restrained for something I want.”

It was true that Zena wanted the…

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OT3 Vs. Jealousy: Which wins out?

I’ve come to ponder this particular quandary, thanks to a certain person and our delightfully naughty OT3. A while ago my sister and I concluded that OT3s weren’t really feasible due to jealousy. I actually still hold on to this conviction, despite my new found obsession.

So… the real question is: can an OT3 overcome what I consider the natural jealousy that would occur in such a set up? If so, how? When it comes to romantic love, you generally want your partner just to be yours. Yes, they might fantasize about others from time to time, just as you might, but getting it on with someone else is an entirely different.

So how does this work? I do believe the answer lies in creating a bond between the two members of the OT3 who are the same gender (if it is in fact of mixed gender). In order to cut down the jealousy, in say, the two men in the OT3, there needs to be a separate bond between them. This is assuming the female in the OT3 has individual longings for both men, which seems to be the case in my particular OT3. I’m suggesting that there needs to be a sexual chemistry all of its own for the two parties of the same gender. I’m not saying “Oh wow, we’re gay now, so we don’t need the third party!” What I’m saying is, they need to have the willingness and desire to experiment with each other with and without the third party present.

That might end up causing a new problem: the third party could become jealous. Which leads me to posing a new question: How would an OT3 deal with this type of jealousy?


Long time, no update.

Sadly, like pretty much every other blog I’ve ever made, this one had become woefully neglected. I started this blog off to write about RP stuff, then quickly changed it to bitching about RP stuff. Mature, huh?

Well, anyway, I haven’t had much need to bitch lately. I don’t speak to, or hardly speak to those whom I used to bitch about. It still makes me shake my head in disgust when I see cool people still being friends with that one miserable cunt rag. That’s their choice, though. If she’s cool to them, then that’s cool. If she turns out to be a psycho to them, well, I won’t say a word about that either. They know her, so in my opinion they should know better, but I also don’t believe that warrants any sort of “I told you so” moment.

RP has been good. I mostly partner with Lynn. I’ve got Angie for Abigail’s partner, and I have fun RP’ing with Amanda as well. So, it’s all good in the neighborhood. I just wish I had more time to RP. LOL, Dang RL and work!


Pass the cheese, I’ve got some whine….

So, I’m going to apologize up front for this post.  It’s probably going to be petty, and juvenile.  Sorry about that.  I just need to get it off my chest, and seeing as I’m 99.9% sure I’m the only one reading this, then this is the perfect place to do it.

It’s about RP, and RP partners.  Now, I know folks are prone to have favorite characters, and yes, even favorite RP partners. But… why ignore one RP pairing just because your favorite one is on?  I don’t get it.  I know I try not to do that.  Hell, I have favorite characters (not so much favorite partners, though), and I try my damnedest to pay attention to as many RP’s I have going on as well as I can.  (My attention span and/or Tweetdeck can often ruin the best of intentions.)  But some folks, say they do that, and clearly don’t!

At times I just feel like saying “Fuck it!” when I see certain characters pop up on my TL, cause I know that means my tweets will probably be ignored until I get petty enough to make a passive-aggressive air tweet.  That’s fucked up, ya know?  Especially since the characters that make me think that are ones that I do like, played by folks I also like.

Meh.  I’m going to blame this on my late period, and my inability to effectively stand up for myself.  I get annoyed at folks who make demands of their RP partner, but they don’t seem to be in the same boat I am.  Maybe they’re on to something.  Maybe letting what you want known in no uncertain terms is the way to deal with this shit.  *snorts*  I won’t be doing that anytime soon, mind you.  It really isn’t in my passive-aggressive nature.