“Have you explained to the others all the risks of this ritual, Briar?” Briar shook her head. For a moment, she considered lying but she had a feeling that an immortal demon could detect bullshit a mile away. Briar also had a feeling Lorelei was asking because she already knew the answer. “Do you not […]

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Lyric Warm-Up Writing Day 2 – Dream if you can…

Justine’s wonderful words for Becky’s (Zena’s) “Lost Years”.

The Princess Bard


Thanks to my Mum for today’s lyric prompt. Always a favourite song of mine. And today it inspired me for a character I have missed writing a lot! If you’re inspired by the prompt, I’d love to read what you create.

Dream if you can

“Dream if you can a courtyard. An ocean of violets in bloom. Animals strike curious poses…”

“And you’re being crucified in the middle?”

“Tsk, tsk, that is not very nice.”

“Says the psycho who has me tied to what I assume used to be your grandmother’s table. My father is not going to be pleased with this.”

“It is for your own good, Zena. Do you want these headaches to stop or not?”

“I’m pretty sure this whole bondage set up is more about you than me, Liam. I hardly need to be restrained for something I want.”

It was true that Zena wanted the…

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The Calm Outside The Storm

She sat on the train, her expression calm, though her heart beat was racing.

What was she nervous about?

Nothing and everything all at once. Her fear knew no logic, but that did nothing to quell her racing heart or her nervous stomach. The urge to flee and hide were strong, though it was truly not an option. No, she had to be an adult and go about her day.

Suddenly her thoughts turned to death, to suicide. Each method her imagination cooked up brought her some measure of calm.

She wasn’t suicidal, not really. She felt as if she would never go through with it, but thinking of it? Knowing it might be an option? That was comfort beyond anything she had hoped for.

The girl with a calm face and a head full of death.