“Have you explained to the others all the risks of this ritual, Briar?” Briar shook her head. For a moment, she considered lying but she had a feeling that an immortal demon could detect bullshit a mile away. Briar also had a feeling Lorelei was asking because she already knew the answer. “Do you not […]

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Today’s inspiration took a long while to get moving but now that it has I think it could become something larger one day, depending on interest and the willingness of the muse. So let me know if you want to know more… To A Happier Place “There once was a girl worthy of a song. […]

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To be in love

The Princess Bard

So I was inspired to write poetry this morning, haven’t been in forever, and love poetry no less. So I thought I would share it.

To be in love was to make her fragile.
To be in love was to be strong and weak in the same moment. To be loved made her strong but she knew she could so easily be broken.
Love was not constant, love evolved, it changed. Sometimes it was not even love in hindsight. Sometimes love was too much, sometimes it was not enough. 
Love was sometimes unrequited, love sometimes turned into a sickness and crossed in to obsession.
Love was need, want, desire…it was losing yourself to become a new entity.
Love was scary, love was a risk.
Love was worth it. 
She needed love, to love and to be loved. 
To be in love. 
And she was in love, she did love, she…

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